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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin aka Niyi Sobo, and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!
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May 31, 2019

Everyone talks about how much time they don't have and how busy they are. In this episode, I share with you some very practical and hard hitting tips that will super charge your energy and productivity and serve to make you into someone who gets things done. The right things done. Take a listen.


(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!

(2:43) to have your questions answered!

(5:53) 7 practical steps to improving your time management

(6:30) #1: Focus on replacing instead of eliminating

(7:03) Charles Duhigg, “The Power of Habit

(9:05) #2: Focus on and maximize your transition periods

(10:30) #3: Set up your checklists for your transitions 

(15:00) #4: Prepare in bulk beforehand

(17:33) #5: Identify your intentions before you work/train

(19:50) #6: Be pessimistic 

(21:26) #7: Bulletproof your environment consistently

May 30, 2019

No matter your sport or craft, running is one of the most simple, most effective and most powerful methods for exercise and self-reflection. In this episode, I share with you a free and effective app that allows you to create a fun relationship to running, and motivate you to do more as well. #UpOnGame

May 29, 2019

In this episode, I break down a powerful Nipsey Hussle lyric that highlights the importance of constant repetition on your way to becoming world class at what you do. #BARS

Songs featured:

Nipsey Hussle - "Top Down"

Nipsey Hussle - "Where Yo Money At?"

May 28, 2019

You're under pressure already, and it gets worse when your teammates start talking about you under their breaths, when you make mistakes. How do you keep playing your best in spite of their criticism and trash talk? In this episode, I break down the real way to deal with this harsh reality. 

(1:22) The "underground" shine/respect
(4:24) My teammates are talking trash...
(8:41) Simba, and the "jungle"
(13:09) The real solution... Who really cares?
(15:19) NO CHILL: Media talking smack.
(19:41) A true professional has the ability to perform, rain or shine.
(23:07) Wanna be soft?
(25:11) A "bloody anticipation" | James Harden
(27:40) Nobody cares...
(30:36) You want to be a professional? Be careful of the critics
(32:45) Practical advice: Watch, observe, analyze.
(35:38) An email that just didn't make sense.
(37:37) You gotta keep pushing...
(43:08) Tune in, to your inner G!
(48:46) What I think about YOUR opinion.
May 24, 2019
Life can sometimes deal us a hand that seems impossible to work with....but it doesn't change the fact that you have that hand. Most people stay frustrated for too long about things that are just true...and then life passes them by. We have to be different. We have to remind ourselves of the realties that everyone else avoids, and create a plan to deal with the reality to get where we want. I break down 3 of the most difficult realities and how to make these benefit you. 
(1:51) Samaya
(3:43) Life's recent tests
(8:10) Giving hurtful truths to an 8-year old
(9:34) Reality #1: You are alone
(11:30) Reality #2: Nobody cares about you, as much as you think
(15:20) Reality #3: You're lazy and fearful, by nature
(16:59) We need a game plan.
(17:17) Gameplan #1: Understand and realize WHY you're alone | Invest in your circle
(20:48) Gameplan #2: Start caring about yourself
(25:28) Gameplan #3: Create a circle of beasts | Operate with challenges and goals | Track habits
(29:47) A dedication to my daughter
May 23, 2019

You know the power of meditation...but do you really have to pay a monthly fee in order to learn how to meditate the right way? In this episode, I share with you a powerful FREE app that allows you to meditate each day, without paying a dime. #UpOnGame

May 22, 2019

How do you stay resilient and bounce back, in spite of the stress and pressure? This is the challenge, and it's one that Nipsey Hussle shows us how to approach through his music. In this song "Mark My Words" that he did with Rick Ross, he explains this mindset, and highlights his philosophy. #BARS #RIPNIP

May 21, 2019
Robert Greene is one of the best and most influential writers of our generation, and he shows why in this conversation he and I had at his Los Angeles home. In this interview, he talks about how to break free from the influences of family, how to find your true calling, and how to understand and channel your "Dark Side". Last time we had him on the show, he was in the process of writing his latest book, "The Laws of Human Nature", which is out now... so go grab your copy if you haven't already.
(1:22) Introduction
(7:23) Welcome back, Robert Greene!
(9:04) The motivation behind writing "Laws of Human Nature"
(11:34) Narcissism; and the various forms of such
(17:31) Narcissism doesn't necessarily have to be a negative thing
(18:42) Becoming self-aware
(20:16) Natural human flaws, should bring no guilt
(24:24) Robert's introverted nature exposes a different meaning of success, compared to other best-sellers.
(27:25) Some of the richest people have an obsession with doing their best work; not with making the most money.
(29:53) Niyi reveals his source(s) of power as he looks inwards
(33:42) The human being is an emotional animal
(37:42) Your "apprenticeship years"
(42:35) "Pain" and "Pleasure"
(47:00) We don't notice the hard work behind today's successors
(49:48) The "shadow", or "dark-side" versions of ourselves
(58:32) Everyone has vulnerabilities and weaknesses
(59:34) A look into Abraham Lincoln's life (and his secretive side)
(1:04:05) John Coltrane: An historic example of adapting to the times. Evolution of self.
(1:07:04) Know your craft, and how to adapt to the game... shoutout to Kobe
(1:09:17) Understanding the way you were raised, and forming your own identity
(1:17:32) Niyi's favorite chapter in Robert Greene's "Laws of Human Nature"
(1:18:35) Robert gives incredible leadership advice
(1:25:08) In conclusion...
Visit Robert Greene's site
Purchase "The Laws of Human Nature" on Amazon
May 17, 2019

You're a leader, but its hard to get those who you serve to really buy-in and get down with the plan. It can be frustrating, but in this episode I break down some keys that I have learned as a leader, that you can apply to your teams, organizations, and family. 

(1:56) When I learn, I teach
(3:24) Cliches are low-key true...
(4:32) Madden: Me vs. My Son
(5:58) Detach your SELF from EMOTION
(7:49) Diagnosis of feelings
(8:56) "Organisms"
(12:23) Don't let emotions overrule your judgment
May 16, 2019
Rebecca T Dickson is a Mindset Coach, who teaches women how to overcome their fears, gain confidence, and take their companies and families to the next level. She's been at this for a long time, building her company from the ground up to multiple 7 figure digits... a certified OG in the game. Since I've met her, Becky has instantly elevated my game, and I know for a fact that she will elevate yours. Listen to her "#LikeAWoman" podcast, and follow her movement! #UpOnGame
May 15, 2019

In one of Nipsey's most grittiest songs, he lays out his entire philosophy on pressure, which shows how he was able to accomplish so much in so little time. Listen as I highlight these bars, and show tribute to one of the greats. #BARS

May 14, 2019

We all want to accomplish our ultimate goals. Action is a prerequisite. However, some of you are too afraid to move before you feel you are ready. This can't be you. You gotta move despite the fear. Listen as I explain practically how to make moves before you are ready and I explain Killer Instinct V to those who want to take their game and life to the next level.

May 10, 2019

Most of your peers are victims....and you most likely are, too. Being a "victim" means you act helpless to change your circumstances, and life bullies you into submission everyday. In this episode, I go into depth on why this is, how to know what type of victim you are, and most importantly... how to transform into a boss. 

May 9, 2019

It's 2019... You're able to fly just about anywhere in the world for less than a pair of sneakers, your phone recognizes your face, and you can start a business in 10 minutes on the internet... Yet people still like to limit themselves and what they can do. It's disgusting, so I decided to share with you a mindset that can change all that. #UpOnGame

May 8, 2019

Jay-Z is arguably the GOAT in Hip Hop, and in this track "NYMP" from his Vol. 3 album, he shows why. This is a bar that one would normally brush over, but it hit me particularly hard. Jay breaks down the importance of knowing yourself, and how to move in alignment with your essence. #BARS

May 7, 2019

You can have all the tools in the world, and be as prepared as you want to be....but if you're afraid to claim what's yours when it's time, it won't matter. The yellow tape mentality is a complete feeling of worthiness, ownership, and ruthlessness, that causes the best to go for even more. Lack of this causes a lot of very talented and skilled performers to never make anything real happen. Listen to this final episode in the bloodline series to find out how to weave all of these qualities and traits into your mindset and take results to new levels.

May 3, 2019

It's simple. You have to find a way to be calm and poised under pressure... when the bullets are firing... but how? In this episode of the "Bloodline" series, I break down this necessary mindset. 

May 2, 2019
In remembrance of the legendary Nipsey Hussle who passed away a month ago on 3/31/19, I've created a playlist of songs by Nip that I feel most represent who he truly is, with songs that have helped me through my toughest times... #RIPNIP
May 1, 2019

This ancient stoic philosopher has a take on "Control", but I am not sure I totally agree... Do you? Take a listen to this section from Seneca's book, and see if this philosophy aligns with yours.