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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin aka Niyi Sobo, and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!
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Sep 6, 2017

From one of the strongest forces in the hip-hop game, today’s bar features Jay-Z’s newest album, “4:44”. On his track “Bam” featuring Damian Marley, Jay drops game to remind us that we must tune in to our alter-ego’s to let the world know who they’re messin’ with. Don’t be too nice to those who don’t benefit you. Set the price; then live your life. That’s BARS.

Sep 5, 2017

The second installment of MJ’s Film Room series is all about his “Gametime Mentality”. Following Michael’s “Mental Alchemy”, today we talk about how to approach your game with laser-like focus. Get an inside scoop on how MJ handled his unique practices, and how repetition fostered his bulletproof nerves. Answer the three questions at the end of the episode, and stay tuned for the finale this Friday.

Time Stamps:

(3:33) Welcome to Part 2 of the film room!


(5:20) A brief review of MJ’s “Mental Alchemy”

(6:09) Today’s “Gametime Mentality” | Tim Grover’s, “Relentless”

(8:42) Clip #1: Practice = Play.

(10:05) Clip #2: Never complacent.

(11:48) Clip #3: Hunger through confidence.

(12:45) Clip #4: “Afraid”

(14:00) Clip #5: Steve Kerr on MJ.

(14:58) Clip #6: A typical practice routine for MJ.

(17:14) Clip #7: Work ethic eliminates the fear.

(17:51) Repetition brought success to MJ

(18:15) How does this apply to YOU?

(18:58) Q1: What is your current approach to practice?

(19:26) Q2: What’s holding you back from performing at a high level?

(20:22) Q3: What state of mind do you need that will most benefit you?

(20:45) Stay tuned for Episode 3 this Friday!

Email me your answers!



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Sep 1, 2017

Welcome back to the FILM ROOM! This month’s series features the legendary, Michael Jordan. Part one is focused on what Robert Greene refers to as one’s “Mental Alchemy”. Tune in to MJ’s strategy towards trash-talk, negativity, competition, as he transforms them into successes. Sometimes you gotta play tricks on your own mind to see unbelievable results.

Time Stamps:

(4:00) A prelude to today’s Film Room episode: My gift to you

(6:39) The JORDAN series…

(7:57) Jordan’s “Mental Alchemy”

(9:05) A passage from Marcus Aurelius’, “Meditations”

(11:19) Clip #1: FAILURE

(12:43) Clip #2: Trick yourself to find an edge.

(13:31) A few excerpts from MJ’s book, “Driven From Within”

(18:28) Clip #3: Trash-talk with Reggie Miller

(21:28) Clip #4: News reporters

(22:43) Clip #5: Game to game challenges

(24:33) Clip #6: Tony Kukoc on lockdown

(27:59) Clip #7: Leroy Smith

(28:48) Clip #8: Van Gundy

(29:07) Clip #9: Don’t hurt MJ’s feelings.

(30:35) Clip #10: Doug Collins

(34:44) We all have the power…

(35:26) Self-reflection questions

(38:03) See you Monday for Part 2!



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Aug 30, 2017

A great mentor doesn’t give you the answers; instead, they’ll show you the way… In today’s books and bars episode, understand that without proper strategy applied towards your overall mission, all you’re left with are hopes and expectations. Listen to the selected excerpts from Mark Divine’s book, and be sure to grab a copy for yourself!

Grab your copy here: Mark Divine's, "Way of the Seal"

Follow Mark Divine on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Aug 29, 2017

Welcome, Tom Bilyeu to the Sports Motivation Podcast! Tom is the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition, host and founder of Impact Theory (a for-profit media company), and a professional speaker on mindset. In this interview, we talk about Tom’s beginnings, his mindset for success, his company's "G-Code", and the chokeholds that many early entrepreneurs have (and how to deal with them). Get the most out of today’s interview with active listening and focused note-taking. As always, be sure to check out the resources listed in the show notes.

Time Stamps:

(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Tom!

(2:40) Tom’s Story

(5:36) The breakthroughs Tom received after studying the mind

(9:44) Breaking away from the security of comfort towards the unknown of entrepreneurship

(12:10) BOOK: Carol Dweck, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”

(13:04) Tom’s quest for financial gain

(22:20) Tom on self-compassion

(24:26) BOOK: Tim Grover, “Relentless”

(26:37) Quest’s G-Code #2 “Personal Growth is the highest priority of all Team-Quest members”

(29:11) Quest’s G-Code #5 & #6 “You can do anything you set your mind to without limitation. #5 is a lie but it is an empowering lie. We do and believe that which empowers us.”

(32:02) “Do and believe that which moves you towards your goals.”

(33:11) Quest’s G-Code #9 “Quest is a safe place to make mistakes.”

(34:41) “Your current skill set has already taken you as far as it’s going to take you.”

(36:43) BOOK: Robert Greene “The 50th Law”

(37:55) Successful actions of Quest Nutrition that made them successful

(40:02) Common social media philosophies that are misunderstood

(43:09) How Tom has changed his environment to foster growth

(48:17) Tom’s personal belief system

(51:09) Impact Theory’s best interviews

(54:57) Chokeholds of today’s entrepreneur

(58:17) Tom's current gameplan!



Impact Theory Website:

Instagram: @tombilyeu


Twitter: @tombilyeu



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Aug 25, 2017

Welcome back! In the final episode of this GPS Goal Setting Series, I break down the principles behind the GPS system. First, what is the GOAL? Next, what is the PURPOSE behind the goal? Lastly, what is the STRATEGY? The order in which you set your goal to attack it is critical. You must have an underlying purpose before attacking your strategy. So, are you ready to give it a shot? I’m proud to present to you, my GPS System (available for only a week), at Remember, this ain’t for everybody. So tell me... are you part of the 2%?

Time Stamps:

(1:21) Part three of the GPS Goal Setting Series

(2:35) “You want to make sure your desires are in alignment with nature.” -Epictetus

(3:57) Remember that 90 day goal you decided on in Part 2? Well here’s what to do with it.

(5:17) The principles of the GPS philosophy

(5:28) BOOK: Maxwell Maltz, “Psycho-Cybernetics”

(11:58) An exclusive gift: The GPS course

(12:24) The Target Practice Habit System

(15:42) Are you part of the 2%? Click here to find out:



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Aug 24, 2017

This is a special episode for my beautiful, loving, strong, incredible wife Heather Sobomehin (@mrssobomehin) aka "H-town".

I love you, cherish you, and want to wish you a happy birthday.

To the IMNOTYOU squad, go show her some love on IG! (@mrssobomehin)

Aug 22, 2017

Welcome back to the GPS Goal Setting Series. In this part 2 episode, I break down 4 key principles you must understand before setting your goals. It’s critical to understand where you’re currently at in life, what you envision your future to look like, and to pinpoint what’s preventing you from being there already. This is a powerful realization; after you do this, you’ll be able to set more accurate and impactful goals that will lead to dramatic improvements in your life.


Time Stamps:

(1:21) Welcome back to the GPS series

(2:20) “Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

(2:38) Recap of GPS Pt. 1

(3:12) GPS Pt. 2: Setting the RIGHT goal

(4:00) Opinions are misrepresented as law

(5:30) The goal today is to understand the principles of setting “the right” goals

(6:37) Principle #1: Identify clearly where you are right now in life

(7:46) Principle #2: Establish a clear vision for where you want to be

(8:22) Principle #3: Identify your chokeholds  

(10:05) Principle #4: Identify the most important pieces or the next steps to get you to your vision

(11:52) Set marathon goals

(11:58) Keys to setting the right goal

(13:11) The evidence procedure

(14:26) What should your goals be now?

(14:34) Create a 90 day goal (RIGHT NOW)

(15:26) Email me your goal at Do this now, and I’ll coach you up… Ready, set go!



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Aug 18, 2017

Much of what you do will be to avoid pain; and if you’re smart, you’ll use that. The journey of personal-growth isn’t glamorous. In fact, many doubts will follow the countless sacrifices that are made along the way. Here’s 7 ways to never reach your goal. Don’t fall victim to these ways. Become part of the 1% that rises above the rest.

Time Stamps:

(1:39) Reality Check: This ain’t no Rocky Theme.

(2:34) Me vs. “Resistance”

(3:24) BOOK: “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

(4:53) Personal growth will NOT be comfortable.

(6:37) See through the delusion

(7:03) The Art of GOAL-SETTING.

(9:35) What to expect from this 3-part GPS series

(10:57) TODAY: How to guarantee that you don’t reach your goals. Mistakes of many on their goal-reaching journey.

(11:41) Enter the film room of the New Orleans Saints

(12:27) 7 mistakes for you to AVOID on your journey.

(13:07) Mistake #1: Don’t set small goals (based on what’s reasonable)

(17:30) Mistake #2: No EMOTION behind your goals.

(19:13) Mistake #3: No VISION on top of your goals.

(20:47) Mistake #4: They stop reviewing their goals.

(22:42) Mistake #5: They don’t break the goal down into specifics.

(23:08) Mistake #6: The lack of urgency.

(23:47) Mistake #7: The non aggressive-approach.

(24:14) Rig the game so that you can succeed.

(28:04) Which 7 mistakes do you fall victim to?

(29:43) What to expect in Part 2 of the GPS Series!



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Aug 16, 2017

Looking for that get-rich-quick scheme? Good luck. Today’s Book & Bars episode features one of those books that has no shame in keeping it REAL. At the end of the day, what do you want to be remembered for? Are you willing to put in those incredible work hours to reach your dreams? Drop your fear of failure in the eyes of the world, and pick up this book and start reading.


Check out Felix Dennis' book here: “How to Get Rich”

Aug 15, 2017

Do you know what motivates you and how to effectively use it to push yourself forward. Motivation is the KEY to domination. Today I’m blessing you with the top 3 ways I motivate myself, so you could try them out for yourself. Bottom line... you need to develop your own recipe and apply it to your life NOW.

Time Stamps:

(1:20) Show some love! Leave a review for the Sports Motivation Podcast (and the GYMR Podcast too!)

(2:12) My gratitude to YOU.

(3:15) Why I value motivation

(4:35) Find your own recipe that makes you tick

(6:18) Get Motivated, Pt. 1: MUSIC

(10:36) Get Motivated, Pt. 2: Talking my smack

(10:56) BOOK: "Managing One’s Self" by Peter Drucker

(13:42) Get Motivated, Pt. 3: READ!

(14:47) BOOKS: James Allen's, "As a Man Thinketh" and "A Path of Prosperity"

(14:52) BOOK: "How to Do All Things" by Mark Age



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Aug 11, 2017

I am super juiced to welcome Elliott Hulse to the Sports Motivation Podcast! Elliott is a top Strength and Conditioning coach, Strongman, Author, and dominates the YouTube stratosphere with his content (so much more) by sharing his message to “Be the Strongest Version of Yourself and Inspire Others.” Listen as we dive deep into how Elliott found his life’s purpose at a young age, how he learned to channel inner emotion through dynamic meditation, the humility of injury, and detachment from positive and negative emotion, among many other things. Hit the jump for a link to Elliott’s site, and a chance to sign up for one of his Grounding Camps.

Time Stamps:

(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Elliott!

(2:52) Elliott’s start

(7:11) Elliott’s four layers of strength philosophy

(10:16) “I’ve been inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen by how the psychology of an individual shows up physically in their muscular system.”  

(13:01) The progression and combination of the 4 layers of strength

(15:08) Elliott’s personal struggles with mental and emotional patterns as a result of Reich’s philosophy

(22:36) The grounding camp and its audience

(25:24) Negative patterns of the “masculine” athlete

(29:22) Book: David Deida, “The Way of the Superior Man”

(30:30) The balance of Masculine and Feminine energy

(33:08) The detachment from the praisers and naysayers

(36:53) Reverting back to your neutral state, after consciously evaluating the emotion

(38:06) Book: Wallace D. Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich”

(38:39) Reframing an emotionally difficult time in Elliott’s life to see a different reality

(42:25) The resistance of change and the emotions behind it

(43:36) Book: Esther Hicks, “The Law of Attraction”

(44:58) The balance between entrepreneur and husband/father

(49:07) How to not be shaken by negative emotions but at the same time recognizing its value

(53:45) Defining and cultivating courage



Elliott’s Website:

Elliott's Grounding Camp info:

Instagram: @elliotthulse


Twitter: @elliotthulse



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Aug 9, 2017

DIPSET!! Today’s books and bars episode features Juelz Santana’s “Days of Our Lives” track. As an athlete at Oregon State University, I’d relate to Juelz’ hustle-mode as depicted in the song; to my efforts on the field and in the gym. Patience is a virtue man. Keep working; you’ll get to where you need to be.

Aug 8, 2017

As we wrap up Kobe’s Film Room series, today we examine the importance of curiosity. The Black Mamba was a true student to the game of basketball, with an unbeatable desire to learn EVERYTHING he could. Even if it took a few cold calls here and there, Kobe followed through… What does this mean for you? How will you interpret this past week’s deep dive into Mr. Bryant’s mind? Will you soak it in and do nothing, or will you adopt this mentality? The choice is yours.

Time Stamps:

(2:21) Part 3 of the FILM ROOM!

(4:37) A brief review of parts 1 of 2


(7:14) Clip #1: The Mamba Mentality.

(9:36) Clip #2: Call up Tex!

(14:07) Putting yourself through the fire

(14:45) The bottom line: for YOU.

(16:14) Your NEW assignments (until the next Film Room session!)



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Aug 4, 2017

Welcome back to the Film Room… Today’s focus is on Kobe’s commitment to the game. He knew handouts didn’t exist. Being legendary takes an Unreasonable Commitment… You gotta expect to sacrifice what isn’t beneficial to you, but still remains in your environment. Let’s roll.

Episode 179 Time Stamps:

(2:17) Part 2 begins now!

(2:56) Your mindset is the only thing that is within your control | Napoleon Hill’s, “Outwitting the Devil”

(4:05) RENEW your mind.

(5:15) A brief review of Part 1

(5:45) Clip #1: Kobe’s logic on getting up EARLY.

(8:30) Are you Kobe, or the interviewer?

(9:17) Clip #2: Confidence comes from PREPARATION.

(9:50) Are you willing to DO the mundane?

(11:00) Concept: Robert Greene’s “Mental Alchemy”

(11:27) Clip #3: Beethoven

(11:57) The “Reframe”

(13:13) Create a set of mentors that hold you to a HIGHER level.

(14:42) Concept: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Law of Compensation”

(15:50) Clip #4: Inherent Sacrifices

(17:10) How can we apply Kobe’s mentality?



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Aug 2, 2017

Your ability to accept the hardships and painful realities of life, is an important skill that you must implement. Don’t adopt the mindset that life is hard, and that’s “the way it is”... Accept, then move strategically. Powerful stuff… Today’s pages are straight out of The Dalai Lama’s, “Beyond Religion”, on page 37 of chapter 10. Hit the link below to grab your copy!

The Dalai Lama, "Beyond Religion"

Aug 1, 2017

Welcome to THE FILM ROOM… We begin this month’s mini-series with a special look into the mechanics of the great Kobe Bryant, aka “Black Mamba”. After spending weeks of reviewing Kobe’s film, I’ve created three lessons for you to develop a mentality similar to Kobe’s. Ready? Let’s review.

Time Stamps:

(2:17) Welcome to the FILM ROOM!

(4:10) Are the greats so much more different than you?

(5:00) Legendary isn’t random.

(7:03) Here’s what to expect in the “Film Room Series”

(8:38) The Black Mamba’s HUNGER.

(9:14) Hunger, implies the “lack”

(10:40) Clip #1: “My brain cannot process failure”

(11:40) Clip #2: “How do I get THERE?”

(14:00) Clip #3: Give EVERYTHING you got.

(15:26) Clip #4: “Win as many championships as possible.”

(15:57) Clip #5: How to make your game UNSTOPPABLE

(18:15) Clip #6: Challenges are puzzles.

(18:47) Clip #7: Kobe’s “road game-mentality”

(20:49) Clip #8: Mount Everest

(21:12) Today’s Film Room Breakdown.



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Jul 28, 2017

Due to popular demand, we present to you, Sylvie Von Duuglas! She is a Muay Thai fighter based out of Thailand. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado and moved to Thailand in 2014 where she went on to compete in over 200 fights. She is an incredible athlete and has a remarkable mind as well. As you tune in, you can hear that she truly embodies the IMNOTYOU athlete, as she explains the mindset of a fighter. Listen up as we discuss her story, her habits of success, and her unique approach to fighting when she steps in the ring.


Episode 177 Time Stamps:

(1:23) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Sylvie!

(3:23) Sylvie’s story

(5:03) The beginning of Sylvie’s Dominant Mindset

(7:40) Sylvie’s move to Thailand, from Colorado

(10:35) The results of being “married your craft”

(13:20) Grant Cardone, “Be Obsessed or Be Average”

(14:35) The “Ah-Ha” moments in Muay Thai training

(15:28) Tim Grover, “Relentless”

(18:24) Sylvie’s unique “self-talk” throughout her career

(19:53) “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” -Theodore Roosevelt

(20:14) Why we love the great boxers

(21:31) The mental game

(26:02) Sylvie’s weaknesses she defends

(29:52) The beginning of emotional pain awareness

(34:11) Differences between the United States and Thailand

(37:58) Cultural differences Sylvie has experienced

(42:22) How she stays on track with her momentum

(44:24) Sylvie’s ultimate vision for her career

(45:02) Rhonda Rousey, “My Fight / Your Fight”

(48:33) Sylvie’s everyday routines

(50:58) “In order to get what you really want, you have to be who you really are” -Tim Grover

(53:02) Chade-Meng Tan, “Joy on Demand”

(54:10) Mark Manson, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life”

(54:56) Lewis Gordon Pugh, “21 Yaks and a Speedo: How to Achieve the Impossible”



Sylvie's Blog Website:

YouTube Channel:


Instagram: @sylviemuay

Twitter: @_ittu



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Jul 26, 2017

Today’s bar is from New Orleans’ own, Curren$y. This particular track “Example” from his Pilot Talk album, spoke directly to me after an injury in the NFL put my career in jeopardy. Listen man… When life pulls you somewhere for a reason, don’t hesitate to take the risk. Just like Spitta “shook the dice and rolled,” he also took that step when others would “stay shook and froze”. So GET BUSY… Be an example for the next generation of go-getters.

Jul 25, 2017

Stop and ask yourself, “are you doing as well as you can in every aspect of your life?” If we are being honest with ourselves, the answer is no. In what ways are we restricting our growth based on the fact that we refuse to look at our own faults and shortcomings dead in the face? In this episode I give you a raw, emotional example from my life that made me stop and reexamine a particular aspect in my life and I give you 4 actionable steps you can take to ruthlessly weed out these flaws and improve on them.


 Time Stamps:

(1:22) Intro and new website launch.

(1:38) 8 habits of the dominant athlete video series.

(2:30) My relationship with my daughter Samaya.

(5:47) Charlie Munger's, "Poor Charlie’s Almanac"

(5:52) Commitment consistency bias.

(8:11) The overoptimism bias.

(9:02) Where are you deluding yourself?

(9:36) My experience as a firefighter.

(12:48) The disliking/hating bias.

(15:06) You can be better.

(16:38) Step 1: You have to look for the flaws before other people do

(17:42) Step 2: Feel the pain before others make you feel it

(20:14) Step 3: Have a system for reviewing and keeping yourself in check

(21:16) Step 4: Congratulate yourself when you feel the pain

(25:44) Reality check: You’re not as good as you think you are.

(27:05) Don’t be fake humble.



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Jul 21, 2017

If you’ve listened to me long enough, you know my favorite book is none other than the 50th Law… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Best-Selling Author, Robert Greene to the Sports Motivation Podcast! As we discuss topics like literature, 50 cent’s personality and work ethic, and having a purpose, realize that Robert found his true calling at the age of 36. If you think you’re late to choosing your ultimate path, you’re wrong. Years of DO-ing, will get you to where you need to be. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 175 Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Robert!

(2:40) Un-tying yourself from the opinions of others

(8:02) Excel with your unique DNA

(10:51) Robert’s journey of discovery; started at age 36 | YouTube: Robert's TED TALK

(14:50) The reality of “Wasted time” and “Failure” | Ryan Holiday’s, “Obstacle Is The Way”

(19:40) Among many things you cannot change, you CAN change your ATTITUDE.

(21:43) A story about Law #1: “Never Outshine the Master”

(26:10) Applying Law #48: “Assume Formless-ness”

(30:05) From “Mastery”, a feature with jet fighter pilot, Cesar Rodriguez.

(31:57) Hours and hours, leads to habitual success | 50 Cent’s incredible self-discipline

(33:28) The beginning of Robert Greene’s friendship with 50 Cent.

(38:00) The fear of releasing a book that will fail.

(40:47) Consistency in anything will always lead to improvement.

(42:28) Push through your most frustrating days. | Not being in the mood to do what you do, and how to combat this way of thinking.

(46:04) If it comes to easy; re-evaluate your work.

(47:35) Athletes that inspire Robert Greene

(52:56) Pro athlete "loyalty"… An insight from former Blazers Coach: Nicolas Batum

(56:00) Laws with human nature: A preview of Robert’s new book coming soon!

(58:17) The “shadow” side of our personalities.

(1:01:10) Having a PURPOSE.

(1:03:55) A handful of books recommended by Robert:
Machiavelli, "The Prince" | Casanova, "Art of Seduction" | Sun Tzu, "The Art of War" |  Carl Von Clausewitz, "On War" | Miyamoto Musashi, "The Book of 5 Rings"

(1:06:38) Robert's dream-roundtable: Machiavelli, Napoleon Bonaparte, Muhammad Ali, MLK Jr.



Robert Greene's, "Mastery"

Robert Greene's, "48 Laws of Power"

Robert Greene's, "The 33 Strategies of War"

Robert Greene's, "The Art of Seduction"

Robert Greene and 50 Cent, "The 50th Law"


Twitter: @RobertGreene

Instagram: @robertgreeneofficial




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Jul 19, 2017

It’s the “seed”, versus the “fruit”…  From U.S. Anderson’s book, we learn a simple rule; the law of attraction is nothing but CHOOSING YOUR THOUGHTS. Does this sound simple enough? Shoutout to Nipsey Hussle for recommending this book to me. This book is full of gold, and you need to dig in, ASAP.

U.S. Anderson’s, "Three Magic Words"

Jul 18, 2017

Today, we welcome former MLB starting pitcher Todd Stottlemyre to the podcast!  He played 15 seasons in the league and is son to Mel Stottlemyre, former New York Yankees pitcher.  We talk about his story, what it took to pitch in the MLB for so many years, his philosophies on habits and goal setting, and much more.  You can find him at and can order his brand new book: “Relentless Success - 9-Point System for Major League Achievement.”

Time Stamps:

(1:25) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast Todd!

(2:34) Todd’s Story and Yankee Stadium

(5:35) “Second half of my life be all about other people”

(7:26) “Took me 20 years working at my craft before I reached the big leagues”

(8:55) All in, all the time mindset

(13:08) Realization of the Legendary Work Ethic

(15:19) “Real Genius is taking something simple and keeping it simple”

(17:02) “Kiss-Keep it simple stupid”

(22:44) Michael Jordan’s habits made him the GOAT

(24:21) 3 critical habits to Todd’s achievement

(26:10) “How do you become the best? You have to outwork the rest”

(29:03) Todd’s current focus

(32:09) Todd’s holistic approach

(36:07) Todd’s new book and 9 step goal setting

(41:47) Balancing all of life's demands

(49:47) Robin Sharma's, "The Leader Who Had No Title"

(50:12) Darren Hardy, "The Compound Effect"

(50:34) Jim Rohn, "Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle"

(50:52) George Clason, "The Richest Man in Babylon"

(52:42) Todd’s parting words and where to find him


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Todd's Book, "Relentless Success"



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Jul 14, 2017

Tune in to today’s interview as we welcome Jairek Robbins to the Sports Motivation Podcast! From best selling author, performance coach, and keynote speaker (just to name a few), expect a lively conversation that will improve your life in all aspects. Major takeaways from this interview include: how to manifest your most beneficial/positive emotions, the importance of establishing a concrete “North Star” vision, and the ultimate necessity of maintaining your health through proper sleep, nutrition, and movement. Be sure to keep that pen and pad ready, and don’t forget to check out Jairek’s bestselling Book, “Live It! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose”! Thanks for stopping by, Jairek!

Time Stamps:

(1:20) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Jairek!

(2:13) Jairek’s story | The characteristics he’s developed from his parents | Money = “Don’t ask”

(16:15) The makings of your beliefs: 1. Observance, 2. Peer groups, 3. “Significant emotional experience”

(21:10) Charles Duhigg’s, “The Power of Habit” | What sets off the belief? | What’s the reward?

(26:43) Monitoring your nervous system during pressured situations

(30:30) What are your top 5 FAVORITE emotions to feel? | What are your top 5 NEGATIVE emotions to feel?

(37:33) Fueling emotions | Fast & Furious example

(42:15) BOOK: “The Happiness Hypothesis” | Pleasure vs. fulfillment

(44:57) A message for the ATHLETES: Power circle

(47:15) 11 key pieces that need to be PRESENT every day.

(47:29) Have a “NORTH STAR” vision

(48:50) Build the right habits and rituals that lead to your result | Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit”

(51:35) Have a DEEP meaning and purpose

(55:35) Peer group metrics: 33% ahead of you | 33% is same level as you | 33% a couple steps behind you

(56:33) Learn how to be HAPPY | BOOK: “The Happiness Advantage”

(57:34) Total and absolute mental CLARITY | DEVICE: Muse

(1:01:55) Staying in a calm, focused place

(1:03:24) Sleep, nutrition, and movement

(1:05:59) Study on movement: Anti-depressant medication vs. Natural exercise

(1:12:35) Major keys to a healthy relationship | Give, not get

(1:14:36) - Allison Armstrong | Grab her resources!

(1:16:44) Helping a woman to vent

(1:22:20) Sleep, exercise, nutrition. It’s a collaborative effort.

(1:24:17) Showing love during the heroic moments.

(1:25:54) Women want to be understood.

(1:26:48) Reassurance.

(1:29:24) Look for Jairek on Udemy this fall! | BOOK: “Live It!” | All other resources below!




BOOK: "Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose"

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Thanks for listening to another Sports Motivation Podcast!

Jul 12, 2017

In today's episode of Books and Bars, we dig into an ancient book by Stoic philosopher, Seneca, “The Shortness of Life”. Are you stingy or frugal with your time? People that say they don’t have time to do important things are just lying to themselves. Let’s act TODAY, and be fearless with what needs to be done.

BOOK: Seneca, “The Shortness of Life”

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