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Learn the strategies, systems and mindset needed to perform and dominate under pressure. The Sports Motivation Podcast is hosted by Former NFL Running Back Niyi Sobo. Here you'll learn how to master your emotions, specific methods for setting and reaching your goals, and how to develop the mindset of the worlds greatest athletes.
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Dec 29, 2017

As we wind down 2017, I take a look back at the best interviews and episodes of 2017. We have come a long way and we're only just getting started. Enjoy the 2017 Highlight Reel and I'll see you in 2018.


Time Stamps


(0:00) Welcome to a special Highlight Reel episode of the Sports Motivation Podcast!

(3:38) 128: How to find your life’s purpose

(11:27) 158: How to develop a “Don’t give a crap mentality”

(13:19) Jairek Robbins

(19:05) 173: You’re Not That Good

(23:21) Nell Daly

(27:21) Tony Horton

(34:02) Ben Kenyon

(38:10) 122: How to improve and grow at a fast rate

(40:42) Tom Bilyeu

(43:58) Robert Greene 

(48:47) 180: The Film Room: Kobe Bryant Mindset, Pt. 3 “Limitless Curiosity”

(51:19) 188: The Film Room: Michael Jordan Mindset, Pt. 2 “Gametime Mentality”

(55:06) George Mumford

(58:22) Cal Newport

(1:00:31) Todd Durkin

(1:04:23) 164: How to avoid burnout

(1:09:58) Elliott Hulse

(1:15:30) 206: The Film Room: Floyd Mayweather Mindset, Pt. 3 “Why Loyalty + Brutal Honesty are keys to Floyd’s Success

(1:19:10) Jay Abraham

(1:27:28) 138: What to do with your friends once you decide to be great

(01:30:44) 190: 4 Fears to Overcome


Dec 27, 2017

If artists like Jeezy, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole can go from broke to wealthy coming from living in the harsh realities of the American Ghettos, whats preventing you from reaching your goals? It's most likely your mindset. Listen to this episode to understand how Jeezy's views on being broke that has turned him into a multimillionaire and one of the most respected artists in the game.

Dec 26, 2017

Have you ever had a coach, boss, or parent who always talked to you in a disrespectful way, overreacted over your mistakes or made you feel small every time you messed up? I think we all have dealt with this at some time of our lives. However, when we allow them to get to us, and we get scared and overly cautious, that's when things begin to fall apart. We have to plan for how to handle our emotions and overcome. In this episode, I show you how.



Time Stamps:



(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast

(4:08) How do you effectively deal with fear?

(5:07) The cost of fear

(7:03) 8 steps to dealing with fear

(7:26) Step 1- Expose the fear

(7:55) Step 2- Understand the fear

(8:40) Step 3- Get to the root of the fear 

(10:28) Step 4- Interrupt the fear

(11:35) Step 5- Set a new goal

(12:38) Step 6- Condition yourself

(13:37) Step 7- Notice the progress

(13:56) Step 8- Repeat the emotion

(14:32) A quick strategy for putting all of these together 

Dec 22, 2017

No more excuses. This is a 2.5 hour, 16 step process for how to set up a master plan for your 2018 goals. If you want to set up some phoney resolutions and continue to have the same type of results in 2018, that's cool. This won't be for you. But for those obsessed with doing what it takes to get everything that you want from your sport and life, this is your solution. People thought I was crazy for laying this out for you in the way that I did, but I'm tired of seeing people struggle with the excuse of not knowing how and not having the money. Now you can lay out a master plan, and not spend a dime. You're welcome, Merry Christmas, and let's get it in 2018. Go to to download the playbook and listen to the episode to follow along and set up the plan. 



Time Stamps:




(1:24) Welcome to a special edition episode for 2018


(8:25) Primetime

(10:35) Step 1- Get pissed off about reality

(14:21) Step 2- Identify what you learned

(18:46) Step 3- Design your life

(25:15) Step 4- Create end of year vision

(31:14) Step 5- Create your Top 5

(37:30) Step 6- Motivators- Identify your Pain and Pleasures

(46:10) Step 7- Identify and Diagnose problems

(01:02:04) Step 8- Design the plan

(01:08:55) Step 9- Target Practice

(01:18:35) Step 10- GPS Planning

(01:26:00) Step 11- Anticipation Playbook       

(01:36:37) Step 12- Create your G-Code

(01:43:28) Step 13- Resolve Conflict

(01:51:43) Step 14- Make momentum and take action

(01:55:45) Step 15- Show gratitude

(01:59:12) Step 16- Upgrade your circle



To be apart of the High Performers Club, apply at

Dec 20, 2017

J Paul Getty was amongst the richest in the world in his time, and spoke in his book very candidly about what holds most young ambitious men from becoming wealthy. I break down a few of his principles in this episode, and it will probably rub some people the wrong way. I wonder if you're one of them. Take a listen.

Dec 19, 2017

In today's interview, I sit down live with world class marketer Jay Abraham where we discuss the keys to achieving greatness and what holds most people back from reaching their potential.


Time Stamps:

1:22 Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcasts

2:31 Welcome Jay!

3:28 Jay’s Story

6:59 What drove Jay

8:32 Funnel vision

9:42 Why people don’t look at things creatively 

14:41 There is no silver bullet

20:08 I don’t deal in theory but in strategy

21:46 Small progressive successes 

22:27 The power of geometry in business

25:43 3 ways to grow a business

27:10 Measuring results

29:04 Ray Dalio- Principles

36:20 Bill Walsh- The score takes care of itself

40:40 Why are you doing what you’re doing?

44:00 Jay’s core tenants of his philosophy

46:10 “In order to be heard, you first have to hear”

51:22 Leave people better than before you met them

57:58 Power is only achievable by empowering others

1:02:07 Keys to greatness with having great relationships

1:06:50 You either grow or die in a relationship

1:14:00 Jay’s daily habits


Dec 15, 2017

The value we give is directly proportional to the money we make. It's a law of nature. Listen in on an exclusive group session where I explain pain and pleasure, and how you set your standard for the value you give to the world through your sport or business.  Give yourself that pain and pleasure before life gives it to you.


Time Stamps:


(1:23) Welcome to a special episode of the Sports Motivation Podcast!

(2:06) I don’t consider myself a business guru

(3:24) Massive wealth for me is inevitable

(4:26) I think systematically

(7:09) What drives us

(9:16) Buy in before you start

(11:10) On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to your sport or business?  7 is not an option because 7 is a cop out.  Email me at or hit me up on twitter @niyisobo and tell me why you gave yourself that number and what you think it will take for you to make it a 10.    

(14:58) You have to figure it out

(16:27) You set your own standard

(17:36) Don’t worry about the how

(19:33) Money represents value


Dec 13, 2017

Ever feel like you are stranded on a desert island with no idea how to get off of it? Listen in as I read an excerpt from "Marooned" by Robert Kraske. My take home message to you is to stay true to your dreams, desires, and goals. Most give up. Don't be like most people. Figure that out and you will be rewarded.

Dec 12, 2017

Are there certain emotions you feel that put you in a rut? Have no idea how to get out of them and back to being a beast? Listen to one of my live coaching calls where I go through my powerful emotion playbook again. You need to be able to quickly change unproductive emotions if you want to dominate!

Dec 8, 2017

What do all high performers have in common? They all know how to manage and master their emotions. If they don't, it's only a matter of time before the pressure exposes them. In order to be the best and to dominate under any circumstance, you have to have the awareness and the tools to understand and shift your emotions when you need to. In this episode, I take you into a live coaching call with my Killer Instinct group and walk one of my clients through a powerful "Emotion Playbook" exercise.


Time Stamps:


(2:48) What would your physical state be if your money emotion was dialled in?

(4:04) The meaning of what you are focusing on

(5:44) “Being broke is childish and I am quite grown”

(9:10) My daughter loves the Nicki Minaj top 10 steps to success

(10:17) Felix Dennis- How to get rich: one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs shares his secrets

Dec 6, 2017

Do you constantly develop yourself or do you just work as a technician? Listen in on a meeting with my team as I read an excerpt from The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and make the connection between its principles and my own business.

Dec 5, 2017

Struggling with achieving results? It could be an operator error or it could be the design of your machine. What is a machine? Listen in on a live coaching call with my Killer Instinct group as I explain what machines are and how they can help you run your life and business.


Time Stamps:


(0:00) Defining the systems

(2:28) Think of your life as a machine

(5:27) The sub-machine

(10:03) The questions to ask yourself about your machines

(11:45) Example of not having the right person run the machine




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Dec 1, 2017

Most high performers fold under the lights, they get overwhelmed with anxiety and worry when the results matter most, and it affects not just them but their teammates, their employees, their customers, and everyone involved. If you want to dominate under pressure, that means you'll have to go against your natural instincts, which is to run from that pressure. You have to teach yourself to be this episode I give you an inside look into my live coaching program where I break down the mindset standard that high performers must have and how to create your legitimate recipe for maximum confidence. 



Time Stamps:


(0:00) Welcome to a special episode! 

(4:08). The Gametime Mentality

(6:16) #1: There’s no guarantee that you will have another shot at this

(8:00) #2: Apply pressure now so you can play in the zone later

(12:34) #3: Full intensity, focus, and tenacity are my standards no matter what anyone else does

(20:37) #4: Full preparedness means knowing anything and everything that can happen and plans for it

(26:15) What should you do when you are feeling tired

(28:02) 3 parts of an emotion

(29:18) #1: Body language

(34:19) #2: Focus

(45:07) #3: Language






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Nov 29, 2017

Listen as I break down a Wiz Khalifa bar that prepared me for my first year in the NFL and getting in the best shape of my life.

Nov 28, 2017

Cal Newport is a best selling author, a tenured professor at Georgetown University, and has accomplished more in his 35 years of living than most have the courage to make their goal. In this interview, we dive into the mechanics, the mindset, and the strategy behind eliminating distractions and becoming a peak performer. He breaks down specifically how he approaches planning, why he doesn't have social media accounts, and why the advice to "follow your passion" is horrible advice and what you should do instead.



Time Stamps:



(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast

(2:33) Welcome, Cal!

(3:16) Ability to say no greatly attributed to Cal’s early success

(5:55) Cal’s cognitive fitness

(6:38) Extreme actions get extreme results

(7:34) Cal’s temptation with social media

(9:51) Stoicism 101 and losing your phone

(11:44) Cal’s definition of passion

(14:58) Mastery becomes a great source of passion

(17:14) What it means to be a craftsman

(19:18) Stretch and destroy

(21:20) Cal’s explanation of Deep Work

(24:16) Can you hit a wall with Deep Work?

(28:09) The process of finding the goals

(30:56) Lag versus Lead measures

(35:00) Why most college students aren’t killing it

(39:20) Cal’s flow state

(42:07) Cal’s type’s of goals

(45:01) Where you can find Cal-


Nov 24, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and to spend quality time with those close to you. The next day is about getting back to your routines and chasing your vision and goals. Listen in on a brief conversation with a few of my clients on the importance of controlling one's environment.

Nov 22, 2017

Listen in on an exclusive meeting with my clients as I read an excerpt from "Path of Prosperity" by James Allen and break down its message.  

Nov 21, 2017

Do you struggle with confidence? Do you believe you have the skill but lack that assurance in yourself? It's what separates good from great. Listen as I give you a real-life example from my life how to increase your confidence and a simple but incredibly effective written exercise you can use today to start gaining more confidence.


Episode 211 Time Stamps:


(1:21)- Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast

(1:40)- Confidence is critical

(2:18) Definition of confidence

(3:35) What is a habit?

(5:45) Identify problems quickly and execute plans to address those problems

(6:33) Create a feeling of control

(7:54) The poopy jar

(9:30) Shoutout to former guest Tony Horton 

(11:58) Reinforce the right behavior

(13:40) What problems do you have in your life?

(13:52) Confidence written exercise

(14:56) Email me at and let me know how this exercise works for you





Do you want to learn the mindset, habits, and systems to consistently DOMINANT UNDER PRESSURE? to apply to my coaching program.  

Nov 17, 2017

The human brain is wired to overvalue the opinions of our served us back when were roaming the African savanna, but it doesn't serve us as much now. That feeling you get when your friends talk mess about you, when your parents disapprove, or when you miss a shot in a game...That feeling paralyzes many and prevents them from taking risks or doing what is necessary. You cannot be a victim to this disease, you have to learn how to overcome the fear of others opinions...but how? How can you practically and systematically build immunity to what stops so many others? In this episode, I show you how I approach this problem.



210 Time Stamps:



(1:21) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast

(1:31) Training on how to care less what others think

(2:58) Name one high performer who wasn’t motivated

(4:00) Michael Moss: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

(4:12) Ray Dalio: Principles

(4:33) Higher versus lower self

(7:36) We all have the same needs and fears

(8:23) Step 1- Learn how to breathe

(10:18) Mark Divine: Unbeatable Mind and Way of the SEAL

(11:26) Step 2- Analyze your goals and your vision

(14:25) I answer to King Zeus

(15:02) Make yourself a disciple of your vision

(16:20) Step 3- Put yourself in more situations where you can be judged

(18:16) Remind yourself about how much people really don’t care about you  

(22:03) Opinions that we are afraid of are literally nothing


Nov 15, 2017

How well do you motivate the people you lead? Do you give lavish praise or just criticize when things aren't going the way you want? In this episode, I break down a chapter in Warren Buffett's Management Secrets and give you a real life insight on how you can inspire those you lead to consistently work hard for you when given the pleasure of praise.

Nov 14, 2017

Although you cannot always relate to the problems of these big name celebrities and superstars, a lot of times it's really easy to see how mentally weak some of them are and how much help they need in terms of developing a more dominate mindset and bulletproof confidence and certainty. I've done something very different in this episode, and I am sure it will rub some of you the wrong way. What I've done is taken Kendall Jenner, and broken down my strategy of how I would work with her if given a chance. I got the chance to see some of her mental weaknesses, and I know how these weaknesses will affect her if not addressed. How many "celebrities" have we seen meltdown and flame out after controversies or adversity? In the episode, I talk directly to Kendall, and give her a few doses of reality along with my prescribed course of action to help her take the game over and be mentally unstoppable. I'll be doing these celebrity reality checks on more athletes and celebrities as they expose their weaknesses to the general public, so stay tuned and give me your feedback.


209 Time Stamps:

(2:05) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast

(3:35) The Kardashian inspiration

(6:19) The celebrity reality check and practical game plan 

(6:52) The reality of being a celebrity observer 

(7:43) What we see on tv is not always real

(8:25) The celebrity breakdown of Kendall Jenner

(10:26) The reality check for Kendall Jenner

(10:51) “You should know that people don’t like you already”

(12:02) Gameplan step #1- Get you aligned

(12:38) Create a scouting report

(13:39) Establish a vision

(15:00) Who do you think you have to be?

(15:32) Establish your role in the family

(16:22) Take control of your career

(17:41) Create a power circle

(18:01) Establish systems for areas you’ve decided to dominate

(19:15) Create an anticipation playbook

(20:18) Become comfortable making other people uncomfortable

(21:20) Plan responses for every situation 

(22:58) Establish new emotional patterns

(24:38) Increase your perspective



More information on the Killer Instinct Coaching Group:

Get Ya Mind Right!  --->


Nov 10, 2017

As you move more aggressively towards becoming the best, you'll have people who you trust and love start to take you for a joke...maybe they question you, maybe they laugh or mock your goals and visions...Maybe you're even trying to take a friend along with you towards greatness but they don't seem to be responding the way you want. How do you handle that? How do you stay focused even when they aren't taking you serious? How do you ignore that? In today's episode, I break down a simple formula and mindset that will help you to overcome that challenge.


208 Time Stamps:

(1:30) Where are you at with your goals?

(2:24) Story about my high school days

(3:39) My college walk-on days

(5:30) Reality: your family and friends do not know sh*t

(6:52) Get clear on your outcome

 (7:24) Get clear on your why as they align with who you are

(8:50) Educate yourself on your decision

(10:16) Create a plan to get you there

(11:10) Work your ass off daily towards your goals

(13:11) Keep your mouth shut in the beginning

(13:55) Show off when necessary to shut others up

(14:28) Robert Greene: 50th Law

(15:08) Develop an always hungry mentality

(17:05) Get results




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Nov 8, 2017

Being a leader is one of those cliches, that everyone says they want to be, but no one really knows how to do. It's an art and it's simple and complex at the same time. I break down the legendary Peter Drucker in this classic book and give you my take on it.

Nov 7, 2017

What are the REAL reasons that you want to accomplish your goals? What are the deepest dark motivators that you don't tell anyone? It's about time you come to terms with them so you can finally become the version of yourself you are destined to be. The only way to do that is by owning who you are unapologetically. This is what Floyd does brilliantly. Listen to this episode to find out his mindset towards women, vegas and strip clubs, and why I believe that is what makes him undefeated and TBE. Click the link in bio to listen to the full episode. 

206 Time Stamps:

(2:30) Welcome back to the film room!

(3:05) Mindset is 80% of the equation

(3:32) Recap of the Floyd Mayweather Film Room Series

(5:00) The battery analogy

(7:37) Do you act in alignment with what you think is important?

(10:48) Floyd keeps it real about his desire for money

(14:10) Tim Grover- Relentless

(14:35) Tiger’s Downfall

(16:38) Be honest with yourself 

(17:05) How to be more loyal to yourself

(17:10) Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the reasons you do what you do

(18:03) Say what you think and feel more often

(19:30) Email me at the answers to these questions

(19:36) Why do you play your sport?

(19:45) What are the darker reasons behind why you play your sport?

(19:50) Why are you so afraid to admit those reasons?

(20:05) How much more free would you be if you could be yourself?

(20:21) Where in your life have you been the most fake?



Check out today's blog post here:

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Nov 3, 2017

Are you playing chess or checkers? Do you just take action, or is your action calculated and strategic? It's part 2, and in this episode I show you how Mayweather is 50-0 because he planned it that way and he planned it like a war general plans to win war. It's complex. I show you in this episode how to apply Floyd's mindset to be a better planner, more calculated and reach results faster without half the frustration. 

Episode 205 Time Stamps:

(2:30) - Welcome back to the Film Room Series!

(3:25)-  Recap from episode 1

(4:18)- Floyd and 50 Cent

(5:00)- Floyd struggles to read promo

(6:48)- Marry the result, divorce the strategy

(7:40)- Play chess not checkers

(8:27)- The hard work illusion

(9:52)- Think strategically

(12:00) Don’t give up on the goal, but don’t marry yourself to a particular strategy

(13:52) Actions impact outcomes

(15:42) Embrace reality

(16:40) Trust yourself rather than other people

(18:32) How to become calculated and strategic like Floyd

(18:37) Key 1- Define your end game and your core values

(19:21) Key 2-Picture your end game every day with the emotion already being attached to it of it already being real

(19:56) Key 3- Study your competition

(20:16) Key 4- Craft your plans according to reality

(20:51) Key 5- Adjust quickly and often if necessary

(21:36) Key 6- Never relent on your end game because of doubters and naysayers 

(22:23) What is your ultimate end game?

(22:38) What is your strategy for how you plan to get to your end game?

(23:03) What is your Plan B and C?

(23:14) What Faulty Believe have you been carrying around that makes you despise those people who are witty and sharp?



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