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Learn the strategies, systems and mindset needed to perform and dominate under pressure. The Sports Motivation Podcast is hosted by Former NFL Running Back Niyi Sobo. Here you'll learn how to master your emotions, specific methods for setting and reaching your goals, and how to develop the mindset of the worlds greatest athletes.
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Aug 13, 2019
There's a lot of "truth" you hear on social media that is entirely misunderstood and can get you into a lot of trouble. Mainly, frustrated results and ineffective action. So you need to know the reality, the truth. In this episode, I show you the myths you hear, why they are preventing you from growing at the rate you want and what the truth is instead.
(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(1:25) Are you on social media?
(2:00) Flashback story
(7:08) 3 recurring ideas on social media
(8:21) Myth #1- If you work hard, things will work out for you
(14:22) Myth #2- There’s a way to get what you want GUARANTEED
(21:23) Myth #3- You have to be positive and focus on what you want.
(26:37) Which one of these do you fall victim to?
(27:09) Ray Dalio, “Principles”
Aug 9, 2019
It's tough to make your dreams a reality while you work a" 9-5" whether your dream is to create a business or make it as a pro. I've been able to make both transitions and I want to share my experience and some words of advice if you want to make your dreams happen.
(1:40) Shoutout to Dusty
(1:50) Today’s episode topic
(4:18) Approach your craft or sport like a professional
(7:18) Protect your energy
(8:55) Protect your time
(10:03) Raise your standard
(11:13) Beliefs
(16:30) My mindset
(24:58) Begin to plot your escape
(26:36) No Days Off
(27:02) Wake up early
(27:57) Learn how to market yourself
(28:00) Top marketing books
(28:58) Learn to increase your value
(30:20) You don’t have a lot of time
(34:22) For the ladies
Aug 8, 2019

Having low energy and a lack of motivation towards your goals is not a good sign, and is certainly not a standard for high performers….So we must find a way to keep and maintain a solid and persistent feeling of motivation and excitement towards what we want. In this episode, I show you how I do that, and it's super simple. #UpOnGame

Aug 7, 2019

Your past is likely holding you back, and it's all in your head. You've got to wage war. This clip from Robert Greene's classic book "Mastery" illustrates the reason why. #BOOKSandbars

Aug 6, 2019
Today's episode is an exclusive interview with Alan Stein, Jr., an author and speaker who spent 15+ years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing basketball players on the planet such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James, just to name a few. He now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business, that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.
We go deep in this episode, as Alan uncovers the mistakes that ambitious athletes make that hinder their progress, and the crucial skill that business leaders can develop to take their teams and results to new levels.

(1:22) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast, Alan Stein!
(2:13) Alan's journey, starting with his love for basketball
(3:51) Alan reflects on his time as a young athlete, and the transition
into his career as a performance coach
(7:28) Two athletes who stood out from the rest.
(9:30) Expanding on Taishi Ito's leadership
(11:44) "Precision" and basketball
(15:11) "How do I put in the right amount of effort while training?
(20:54) Choosing to chase the impossible dream, or put it to rest.
(32:49) Setting an extreme vision, while maintaining the necessary self-awareness...
(34:11) The essence of great listening
(37:55) Getting external feedback to reveal your "blindspots"
(42:15) The #1 reason why leaders get held back in business.
(46:23) The leader's job is to find out how each team member responds best in a variety of circumstances.
(49:12) Niyi asks Alan about his Major Key Habits
(53:50) "Invincibility is a matter of defense" - Sun Tzu
(54:20) How to connect with Alan (resources listed below)
(56:25) Alan's Top 3 most impactful books
"Toughness" by Jay Bilas
"Exactly What To Say" by Phil Jones
"Leading with the Heart" by Coach K
(visit for a special 13 book PDF of Alan's top books)
(58:40) To apply for killer instinct, go to
Check out Alan's book, "Raise Your Game: High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best" (also available on Audible)
Website for Alan's book,
For a team-bundled discount, shoot an email,
Aug 2, 2019
Habits CAN be hard to create. But all of the impractical, vague advice we get about habits is usually to blame for that. So how do you actually create habits that stick and that last in any environment? Let me share my experience and advice.

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(3:30) Habits
(5:59) The 10,000 hour rule
(8:15) Decide you really need to do this habit/get sold
(9:56) Examine your current reality
(11:34) Diagnose the cause of the bad habit
(12:45) Create a plan to replace a habit
(15:01) Visualize your habit going perfectly
(16:50) Craft with someone who’s practical    
(18:29) Review the results
(20:26) Acknowledge wins
(22:53) Focus more on building the new habit
(24:24) The "p" habit
(27:26) OREOS
(28:27) An excerpt from “The Way of the Superior Man” 
Aug 1, 2019

This new habit has absolutely changed my mornings, and I want to show you exactly what I started doing that has led to me being more alert, positive and motivated right when I wake up. #UpOnGame

Jul 31, 2019
Young M.A is one of my favorite rappers, and one of the reasons is because of her potent and dangerously-practical bars.
In this episode of #BooksandBars, she describes exactly what she did in order to get to the MONEY, and what you should do if you want to be and do more than what you were yesterday, and be a real heavy hitter.
Jul 30, 2019
You've been holding onto this "vision" for so long, yet you keep seeing the same results over and over. What's worse is that you seem to "know" you need to change, but you're taking no action.
In this episode, I show you how you can take that vision and make that into a real to make your current standard old news, and to keep growing.
I lay out the details in a how-to format, covering key points like... what to do when you come across obstacles, and the reality of what it looks like to actually create new standards in wealth, skill, health, and relationships.

(1:22) The balance of life
(2:37) Entrepreneurs and athletes
(3:50) Knowing your standards
(10:54) Ready for your step-by-step instructions? 
(11:17) Vision to standard, Pt. 1: Identify what the new standard is.
(12:41) Vision to standard, Pt. 2: Identify your starting point/current reality.
(14:58) Vision to standard, Pt. 3: Implement and create a tracking-system.
(16:50) Vision to standard, Pt. 4: Create your own “death-ground” partner.
(19:34) Vision to standard, Pt. 5: STRATEGY.
(21:42) Vision to standard, Pt. 6: Announce your new standards to
your closest people.
(22:22) Vision to standard, Pt. 7: Rid your environment of old standards.
(23:58) Vision to standard, Pt. 8: Identify, then execute POWER MOVES.
(27:23) Vision to standard, Pt. 9: Look at your standard in a visual way, often.
(29:01) Vision to standard, Pt. 10: Celebrate and reinforce all changes.
(29:25) Vision to standard, Pt. 11: Find an ENVIRONMENT that reinforces the new standard.
(30:40) Transition: Anticipating common challenges along your path
(31:09) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 1: Feel the negative emotion(s).
(31:25) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 2: Identify the problems/kinks in your strategies.
(31:54) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 3: When you fail, look at the big picture.
(33:08) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 4: Dealing with the unconscious/conscious reinforcement of your old standards from your circles.
(36:36) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 5: Abandoning your standards.
(39:01) Anticipating challenges, Pt. 6: When you win, celebrate quickly and keep moving.
(41:09) There is no "maintain"
(42:12) Your results will not change by themselves…
(43:16) Are you courageous enough to live this lifestyle?
Jul 26, 2019
Now more than ever, there is an abundance of "aspiring" pro athletes and "Millionaire" business leaders. And it's getting harder and harder to tell who is for real and who is faking it all.
In this episode, I detail the signs that I have witnessed from athletes and entrepreneurs that show me that they are kidding themselves - and the closest thing they will get to a professional, is when they sit court side at a laker game.
Don't let this be you. The first step is awareness, so take notes, and listen at the end for your solution to this problem.

(1:22) Were you raised with high-standards?
(2:49) The football come-up
(6:12) "Pancakes"
(8:15) It's not easy to get to the pros
(10:22) I can easily spot the "pretenders"
(11:49) Signs of a phony, Pt. 1: You think you're really good.
(12:50) Signs of a phony, Pt. 2: You don't approach nutrition without deliberation.
(14:02) Signs of a phony, Pt. 3: Your problems are always external.
(15:10) Signs of a phony, Pt. 4: You have pro-goals, but hold conflict heavily.
(16:07) Signs of a phony, Pt. 5: You avoid things that you're bad at.
(16:55) Signs of a phony, Pt. 6: You want big-time results, but your partner keeps you stagnant.
(17:50) Signs of a phony, Pt. 7: You have people in your "crew" who enable you.
(19:23) Signs of a phony, Pt. 8: You say you like feedback, but have a hard time receiving it.
(19:46) Signs of a phony, Pt. 9: You have goals that you can't afford to procrastinate on.
(20:39) Signs of a phony, Pt. 10: You say that you "need a break"
(22:38) The reality: You need to get it all together.
(24:08) It's time to put together a ruthless training plan for yourself.
(30:03) Invest in yourself... go to
Jul 25, 2019
So you want to be "world class"....but what then? What if no one knows who you are?
In order to be at the top, especially in today's digital climate, you must be a master at marketing yourself. Business, sports, must know how to position yourself as an expert, and someone that people should follow. In this episode I put you up on 2 of the most game changing books I have read on marketing that have lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit.
"22 Immutable Laws of Marketing", and "Positioning", by Al Ries and Jack Trout
Jul 24, 2019
It's easy to be dependent...don't you sometimes wish you could be in the safety and warmth of your mother's bosom.....ahhhh, how safe...
This craving is why there are so many 'zombies' and 'minions' in the world. This CAN'T be you. You must be a part of the 2%, and in this episode of "Books and Bars" Big K.R.I.T. lays out the simplicity of this philosophy. And this track, "KRIT HERE" goes HARD. #BARS
Jul 23, 2019

It's easy to be motivated at the beginning of a goal or when things are going well...but what happens when resistance sets in and you lose your drive? What happens when your teammates aren't as motivated as you and it starts to weigh on you? In this episode, I break down how to attack that problem, get to the root cause, and get back on your grind. Because that's what needs to happen.

(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!


(3:20) I  can relate to Michael in many ways, thank you for emailing me

(4:45) Leading people is difficult

(6:30) Story from my firefighting days

(8:15) Establish or re-establish the goal

(9:15) Analyze the purpose behind the goal

(11:34) The Michael Jordan Strategy

(13:30) Focus on a problem that lights you up

(14:38) Gain clarity

(15:39) Change your environment

Jul 19, 2019
Your only hope to separate yourself from the masses and become successful in the way you know you can is to become FEARLESS. Problem is, most people are not and most don't know what that even means. In this episode, I share with you my journey to become fearless and the step by step formula for how you can too.
(1:24) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast!
(2:02) Fearlessness
(2:25) Goals
(4:11) What fearless means to me
(7:11) P. Diddy talking about fearlessness
(9:34) I feel fear every day
(13:20) What is your definition of fear?
(14:02) My realities
(14:12) I knew what I wanted
(16:04) I felt the pain of real failure
(17:50) I gave myself permission to die trying
(19:00) Your formula for being fearless
(19:34) Decide specifically what you DEMAND from life
(21:27) Get 100% sold on WHY you want it
(21:47) Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”
(25:07) Write down the things you are afraid of
(26:04) Answer to every objection
(30:16) Commit in any way necessary
(32:16) After this, you will feel amazing
(33:44) For those of you struggling
(37:55) Learn and Re-up
(39:30) Ways to know if you are not all in
(40:19) Rory Vaden, “Procrastinating on Purpose”
(44:52) Visit to become better and take over the game
Jul 18, 2019
How healthy are you? How much money do you invest in being "healthy"? Sometimes it can be tough to afford all of the things that we need to be healthy, and that can intimidate you from buying something you feel you should have.
In this episode, I share with you a powerful resource (and mindset) that will make you healthier and lead to growth in all areas. #UpOnGame
Jul 17, 2019
Most leaders are scared and timid, especially when they get doubt from their peers... "What are we going to do? What if it doesn't work out?"
True leaders have a way of building certainty and confidence, regardless of the circumstances, and then get others to buy in. In this episode, I break down a bar from a J. Cole freestyle, that illustrates this mentality perfectly. #BARS
Jul 16, 2019
How do you prepare yourself to actually perform when it's time to? How do you put yourself in a position to actually dominate when it matters most? I break the formula down in this episode.
(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(2:18) Shoutout to Sarah!
(4:17) #1: Laser-like clarity on your vision
(5:14) #2: Set 3-6 month outcomes
(6:08) #3: Identify high-performance targets  
(7:11) #4: Create a daily game plan to get better
(7:46) #5: Measure Improvements
(8:03) #6: Track your emotions
(9:22) #7: Create new emotional recipes
(11:13) #8: Put yourself in high-pressure situations frequently
(13:13) #9: Be Compassionate to yourself
Jul 12, 2019

Affirmations are a powerful mental conditioning tool that can help you overcome negative emotions and establish a new identify. The problem is, most people don't know how to use affirmations; either they are unsure of what to say, or they don't use it with enough repetition because it's boring. In the first G-Code mixtape, you can listen to all of the G-Code affirmation tracks back-to-back, and immerse yourself in powerful, confidence-building ideas and beliefs.

(0:00) Introduction to the G-Code Mixtape
(2:42) Hypnosis Track
(7:35) "Tenacity (Disappointment and Failure)"
(15:05) "Taste Blood (The Goal Is Too Far Away)"
(20:15) "Worthy (Do I Deserve This?)"
(27:05) "Game 7"
(30:40) "Let go of regret and guilt"
(37:05) "Control"
Jul 11, 2019

"How you do anything is how you do everything".... in this episode, I make the case for why you need to prioritize cleanliness, as well as keeping yourself in order. It's often overlooked, but I have found that it has a powerful effect on your attitude and emotions on a day-to-day. Listen for how to implement this. #UpOnGame

Jul 10, 2019
In any industry, especially with the speed of the INTERNET, time flies, and being relevant can last a lot shorter than you'd like. Your windows of opportunity are not as big as you think, and the need for speed is critical. People are coming for you....the competition is hungry.
This becomes a problem for the people who are so convinced they need to be "patient". In this episode, I argue against that, and use the powerful verse from Dreamville's Bas, in "Down Bad", to back me up. Move faster. #BARS
Jul 9, 2019
A lot of soft people who need to hear this episode. If your feelings hurt, then this episode was exactly for you. Let's hope it leads to fewer selfies, less time binging on Netflix, fewer conversations about all that's unfair in the world and more action towards creating value for yourself, your families, and the world. Take a listen, I'm sure you'll be implicated in some way. Warning: I blacked out about 5 mins in. Enjoy.

(1:22) Am I a Millenial?
(3:00) I have questions for you
(3:42) What type of impact are you having on others?
(3:56) Are you struggling financially?
(4:43) Are you working for someone else and don’t like it?
(5:07) How many people would be at your funeral?
(9:11) The Millennial Mindset
(13:08) #1: Nobody cares about you
(14:31) #2: You don’t deserve anything except what you have
(16:16) #3: You are not that valuable
(18:19). #4: You are lazy and soft
(20:45) #5: You are a follower
(21:19) #6: Your opinion doesn’t matter
(24:32) #7: You idolizing everyone else
(30:45) You will win if you are patient
(32:48) What you should do now
Jul 5, 2019
Anyone who has ever struggled with confidence knows how detrimental it is. I have 3 tactical ways that I increase my confidence on a daily basis. Listen in and find out what I use, and how you can use these tactics in your life to keep killing it.
(1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:40) Confidence
(3:31) Hill Sprints
(4:26) #1: And-1 Mentality
(9:04) #2: Affirmations  
(11:05) #3: Watch those who have the goals you want
(13:43) Killer Instinct System:
Jul 4, 2019
No matter what your lifestyle is... you've got to find a way to take control in the kitchen if you want to be healthy, and on your own terms, because it can be expensive and costly if you don't! This is why I am introducing you to Farah, a transformational nutrition coach who is dedicated to showing you how to be a true boss in the kitchen and take control of your health.
Go to to book a consultation with her and take your health to the next level.
Instagram: @farah.knows
Want to work with me? Want to build supreme confidence and execute and perform with the Killer Instinct?
Jul 3, 2019

"The heaviest tanks always move the slowest".....the message of patience and diligence is what rapper Rick Ross is preaching in today's episode, and the practicality of this message is relevant for any high performer. Patience..... but move aggressively... sounds tricky, but it's possible, and necessary. #BARS

Jul 2, 2019
You've boldly taken on so're a leader, responsible for results, and a true lion in the jungle. You’ve given up the security so many crave so that you can be truly free...the problem is that right now, you are overwhelmed with the amount of things that are simply outside of your control. People, circumstances, makes you feel hopeless and helpless, and these feelings are leading you to turn to vices, procrastinate, and even shirk your responsibilities.
Your challenge is giving up the childish need to control the wrong things, and instead focus on complete self mastery... the ultimate high and feeling of control that is elusive to so many. You must take real control, and condition these feelings until every cell of your body stands at attention to you... your body is a slave to your mind, and your mind becomes the fearless captain.

(0:00) Welcome to the G-Code
(0:55) Introduction to "Control"
(2:03) Hypnosis Track
(6:45) "Control" Affirmation Track
(13:18) Killer Instinct
Want to work with me? Want to build supreme confidence and execute and perform with the Killer Instinct?
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