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Learn the strategies, systems and mindset needed to perform and dominate under pressure. The Sports Motivation Podcast is hosted by Former NFL Running Back Niyi Sobo. Here you'll learn how to master your emotions, specific methods for setting and reaching your goals, and how to develop the mindset of the worlds greatest athletes.
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Oct 31, 2019
I know you're like me.... each day, you're doing something to reach towards your goals and make your reality even better. To improve, grow, and accomplish more...
Some days are harder than others. If you're not careful to regulate and monitor your emotions, you can lose your motivation and drive, resulting in lapses in momentum.
This video is what I watch and listen to when I am struggling to maintain my drive. Diddy does a lot to keep you upbeat and alert. Check it out... #UpOnGame
Oct 30, 2019
If your desire is to be an influencer and lead people to a new reality, you will be challenged... with your past conditioning; people who don't agree; and the resistance of old patterns in those you lead.
That's why Nas' lyric in this song hits so close to home. You must take on the attitude of Nas, and be "oblivious to your skeptics".
This song is on heavy rotation, take a listen. #BARS
Oct 29, 2019
So you've decided to hang up the cleats, the spikes... you're done with your sport... but for some reason you feel depressed. You can't watch your sport, and you find yourself obsessing over all the mistakes you've made, and how it could have been so different.
I can relate 100%. The problem is, if you stay there, you're going to only end up feeling more of what you feel now.
In this episode, I show you how to (very practically) attack this challenge, and how to use your past to make you better than you've ever been.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) My feelings of "regret" with my time in the NFL
(4:52) What game were you playing?
(5:21) What do you REGRET?
(6:14) Talk about this, often.
(7:12) Be able to answer this set of questions...
(10:32) Don't run from your failures, mistakes, and shortcomings.
(13:11) TRANSITION into a new game.
(15:36) Set aggressive goals and establish a new purpose for this new game.
(16:00) Identify a clear-cut process for your new game.
(16:56) Apply all lessons from your old game, to your new game.
(18:31) Share as often as possible.
(19:35) Stay LOCKED IN to your life right now.
(22:48) The time is NOW.
Oct 25, 2019
A lot of you have been complaining of little to no playing time, lack of revenue, and how no one knows abiout you. You say it as if it should be different.
Your challenge is to see the truth: you are not working nearly as hard enough to create the results you want.
Inn this episode, I challenge you to take gonna different mindset and approach to WORK.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) You are competitors by nature
(2:30) Do you have trouble reading books?
(6:42) 10,000 hours
(7:40) Today's reality check: PUT IN MORE WORK.
(8:06) Why Drew Brees stood out from the rest.
(11:28) How I stood out from the rest of my high-school teammates.
(12:36) Do more work than everyone else. Create your own routines.
(14:37) Specialized training
(18:05) No more complaints!
Oct 24, 2019
You ever wonder what it looks like when I record the Sports Motivation Podcast?
Now you can watch what it looks like...that's right. The SMP is on Youtube!
Go to to subscribe and enter the Lion's Den!!
Oct 23, 2019
On the road to what you ultimately desire, you will be faced with choices... Do I invest, or do I wait? Do I make a move, or do I sit still and continue to grind?
It is confusing, and sometimes in our quest to be "wise" and "intelligent', we end up hoarding resources, only to further reinforce the results we don't want, and it prevents us from growing.
Nipsey Hussle had a different approach. He didn't spend recklessly, without a plan... and he also didn't sit on his money, waiting for "the promised land". He had a "ball later, and ball now" mentality.
In this episode, I break down his philosophy, and show you how this is relevant to you and your process. #BARS
Oct 22, 2019
Do you struggle with confidence? Do you believe you have the skill but lack the assurance in yourself? This is what separates good from great. Listen as I give you a real-life example from my life how to increase your confidence and a simple but incredibly effective written exercise you can use today to start gaining more confidence.
Time Stamps:
(1:21) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast
(1:40) Confidence is critical
(2:18) Definition of confidence
(3:35) What is a habit?
(5:45) Identify problems quickly and execute plans to address those problems
(6:33) Create a feeling of control
(7:54) The "jar"
(9:30) Shoutout to our former guest, Tony Horton 
(11:58) Reinforce the right behavior
(13:40) What problems do you have in your life?
(13:52) Confidence written exercise
(14:56) Email me at and let me know how this exercise works for you
Oct 18, 2019
In this interview, I speak with the founder and CEO of Coyote Ugly Saloon, one of the most popular and successful bars in the world, Liliana Lovell. She breaks down her philosophy on leadership, loyalty and what it takes to build a global brand in an industry that did not welcome her with open arms.
(0:00) A special birthday shoutout to my killas, Rachel & Rose!
(6:02) Intro to today's episode
(8:55) Welcome, Liliana Lovell!
(9:42) Liliana's story
(12:48) What college taught Liliana as an entrepreneur
(13:52) The launch and expansion of "Coyote Ugly"
(16:51) "When you have nothing, you've got nothing to lose."
(20:43) Having the foresight to think 5 years down the road.
(22:18) Liliana's weaknesses along her journey.
(24:37) Having super-high standards for your business.
(25:49) The skeleton behind Liliana's business-model.
(28:43) Why Liliana still hires all the opening-staffs around the world, in-person.
(31:09) Fears, doubts, and bar culture.
(33:58) What helped Liliana deal with her fears and doubts.
(34:56) High-valued characteristics in Liliana's team.
(36:16) "Loyalty"
(38:36) Being a female entrepreneur in America
(42:37) "Imposter Syndrome"
(44:55) Key tip: Don't be dumb with money.
(50:13) How Liliana stays up to date on all things business.
(51:52) Liliana's keys to maintaining high-energy.
(53:30) Liliana's round-table wish of "dead-or-alive" greats.
(55:51) How to get in touch with Liliana and support Coyote Ugly's latest charity for the Bahamas
Oct 17, 2019
In this episode, I share with you one of my most gifted books, and a personal favorite of mine that not only drops jewels in a very efficient and convenient way, but also shows you how to adopt a stoic lifestyle. #UpOnGame
Check out my Top 100 Books here:
Oct 16, 2019
It's all about Control.. but what happens when you can't trust anyone, and your heart turns cold?
It's all about people, love and relationships.....but what happens when you begin to rely on others so much that you are addicted to their approval, love and attention?
In today's episode, I share with you a beautiful song that illustrates the ultimate self-love mentality. #Bars
Oct 15, 2019
"Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself shall not be defended." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Over the past 5 episodes, I have broken down for you the need to take full control over every aspect of your life and career, and the consequences if you don't.
You've learned the importance of Self-Reliance, Discipline, Strategy, and controlled Aggression. You've heard from the world's greatest and most dominant high-performers. Tupac. Malcolm X. Arnold Schawarrzengger. Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan. Tom Brady...
But still, you lack clarity. How do you build these qualities and traits in a systematic fashion?
How do you gain control?
In this episode, I reveal the ultimate system for control, and show you how to take your confidence, clarity, and sense of control to the next level.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) Welcome to the conclusion of the Control Series!
(3:10) Don't be like most people...
(8:09) Are you afraid of success?
(8:30) Stop romanticizing the "greats"
(9:46) If you want results, reverse-engineer
(11:48) You can systematically create what you want...
(13:50) It's about Discipline, Strategy & Aggression.
(16:00) It's about identity, calm and poise.
(17:15) You have seeds of greatness within you
(18:08) You might only see the tip of the iceberg...
(18:47) Are you prepared to put in this work???
(21:11) My story isn't an easy one.
(23:40) Killer Instinct will put you in a position of POWER.
Oct 11, 2019
Control is the name of the game. One of the biggest reasons why so many lack a sense of control, as they navigate towards their ultimate visions and goals, is lack of aggression.
This word gets a bad wrap... but it's a form of energy - a gift to those who know how to create it, and channel it in the right direction.
In today's episode of the Control Series, I show you how to develop this mindset with the help of Dame Dash, 50 Cent, Kevin Gates and Diddy.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) The inspiration behind the Control Series
(3:30) Today's episode: AGGRESSION
(5:04) CLIP: Dame Dash on DJ Clue
(5:52) Put pressure on these fools.
(6:51) CLIP: Diddy "Run faster"
(7:02) Start LIVING this life.
(7:49) CLIP: Tupac, "I have no fear. I have only ambition."
(8:04) How to build your aggression...
(8:43) #1: You HAVE to set BIGGER goals.
(9:28) CLIP: 50 Cent, "Persistent"
(10:28) Be crazy enough to say what you want. Speak it into existence.
(11:46) CLIP: Dame Dash, "I love jets..."
(12:07) Whatever it is you want, OWN IT.
(14:39) CLIP: Kevin Gates, "I wanna get mine out the mud"
(15:11) Build from the bottom up. Avoid the hand-outs.
(16:38) #2: Surround yourself with absolute beasts to hold you accountable
(16:56) CLIP: Kevin Gates, on holding himself accountable
(18:14) Hold yourself accountable and be ruthless with the people you surround yourself with.
(18:55) CLIP: 50 Cent, on watching who you talk to.
(19:30) Your reality check.
(20:35) CLIP: 50 Cent, "You gotta be smart enough to pick up the information as you go"
(21:26) Are you really soaking up this free game??
(24:38) CLIP: Diddy, "If you want something bad enough..."
(25:00) Be greedy with the small gains
(26:02) CLIP: Diddy, "Lock in on your dream"
(26:35) You gotta lock in TODAY.
(27:19) CLIP: Diddy, "LET'S GO!"
(28:08) You gotta harvest positive, high energy throughout the day
(29:22) CLIP: 50 Cent, "I'm by myself"
(30:07) Who's coming to save you??
(32:25) CLIP: Dame Dash, on setting more and more goals
(32:51) You gotta believe that no one's better than me.
(33:21) A message for the old-heads
(35:03) A message for the youngins
(36:46) A message for the mid-30s...
Oct 10, 2019
Most people run from frustration, overwhelm and mental fatigue.
In this episode, I show you the power of overwhelm, and how to strategically position yourself to grow at a fast and aggressive rate.
Oct 9, 2019

One of the greatest rappers of all time breaks down the mindset that leads to dropping classics versus being a one-hit wonder. This applies to any high performer and is one of the most difficult things to do. Listen to Nas tell it... #BARS

Oct 8, 2019
In the fourth installment of the Control Series, I break down the importance of having a STRATEGY.
Most are winging it, and fooling themselves into thinking they are progressing, when all they are doing is checking boxes.
You must take on the mindset of the most dominant athletes of all time. Floyd Mayweather. Muhammad Ali. Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant.
Not only were they disciplined, tireless workers; they were strategic.
I break down the common mistakes most make, and how to be a true strategic leader to put yourself in the ultimate position of #CONTROL.
Oct 4, 2019
"Fatigue makes cowards of us all".....
How disciplined are you? How much control do you have over yourself, your habits, and your routines?
How well do you follow through?
In this 3rd installment of the Control Series, I break down the importance of having insane levels of discipline, and how to build it systematically.
We find inspiration from models of discipline like Tupac, Malcolm X, Kobe Bryant and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Time Stamps:
(7:11) Despise all things that prevent you to act.
(7:46) CLIP: J. Cole on controlling vices (alcohol, social media, etc)
(13:26) Your ability to secure results, is reliant on your discipline.
(16:23) CLIP: Kobe's playoff airballs
(18:43) Look at the reality of the situation.
(20:35) CLIP: Kobe on training at 4am
(22:32) Think logically - what are you doing it for? OutWORK your opponent.
(25:25) At the root of it all - a sense of URGENCY
(26:24) CLIP: 2Pac's sense of urgency on the studio
(27:23) You must develop a supreme sense of urgency that's uncommon.
(28:21) CLIP: Malcolm X, "No fear"
(28:33) You must become fearless.
(26:15) CLIP: Arnold Schwarzenegger, "What are you hungry for?"
(30:43) You gotta OWN your drive.
(31:26) CLIP: 2pac's fearlessness
(31:42) Will you do anything??
(32:03) You gotta have a competitive drive...
(32:16) CLIP: MJ's scrimmage-training
(33:26) What training tools can you use to fuel your competitiveness?
(34:19) Stamina
(34:58) CLIP: Jimmy Johnson, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all"
(37:20) You can't afford to be a "coward"...
Oct 3, 2019
Most people love to validate themselves and surround themselves with "yes" men.
This will only leave you stuck, frustrated and with an inflated and fragile ego. You must do the opposite, and find people to challenge you and expose the lies you tell yourself. In this episode I break down why, and how.
Oct 2, 2019

In this episode, I show you the mindset of billionaire Tom Monaghan, the power of questioning everything, and learning new information with implementation at a fast pace.

Oct 1, 2019
In Part 2 of the Control Series, we explore what's at the root of all those truly in control.....Self-Reliance.
Self Reliance is the willingness, ability and need, to do things on your OWN. It's the commitment to take full responsibility of your environment, goals, and results. It's difficult to do, and many choose to not to go this route.
This cannot be you. In this episode, I give you several examples of true models of control, including Dame Dash, Nipsey Hussle and Young M.A, and how their philosophy leads them to accomplish at high levels.

Episode Time Stamps:
(1:22) Welcome to part 2 of the Control Series
(3:45) No one is exempt from the uncontrollables
(4:09) The internal feeling of "control"
(5:49) The first pillar of control: "Self-Reliance"
(7:42) CLIP: Malcolm X on his "Self-help philosophy"
(8:30) Turn to YOURSELF. Most people rely on OTHERS...
(12:23) Key #1 to Self Reliance: Taking full RESPONSIBILITY.
(13:53) CLIP: Nipsey Hussle on taking ownership (artist independence)
(14:50) Don't sell your goals and dreams for a small cut..
(16:41) CLIP: Young M.A on turning down large deals (thinking long-term)
(18:15) Sacrificing your control for a short-term reward will keep you trapped.
(19:09) CLIP: Nipsey Hussle on being the "executive"
(21:21) You must have a willingness to embrace pain/discomfort, in exchange for full control.
(22:55) CLIP: Dame Dash, "a true dog eats the food he kills"
(24:22) Don't be a "caged-dog"
(25:00) CLIP: Nipsey Hussle on being "checked"
(25:30) Check yourself; don't be checked
(25:58) Key #2 to Self Reliance: Play your OWN game. Advance your OWN goals.
(29:05) CLIP: Dame Dash, "I don't play Hollywood's game"
(29:45) Create your own opportunities; don't complain/cry about another person's game...
(31:19) CLIP: Malcolm X, "putting the cart before the horse"
(32:00) YOU get to decide.
(33:02) CLIP: Dame Dash on starting your own; there's no pride in a secure job.
(34:03) There's no excuse to not start your own thing...
(35:06) Key #3 to Self Reliance: Creating your own IDENTITY.
(36:06) CLIP: Young M.A on being lesbian, "I'm just Young M.A"
(36:40) Don't allow people to put a label on you.
(38:07) CLIP: Dame Dash, "I'm a tycoon"
(38:35) "I ain't nothing like [y'all]"
(39:21) Learn how to be on your own.
(43:24) It's time to take inventory...