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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin aka Niyi Sobo, and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!
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Jul 16, 2020

Once you start reading a lot, accomplishing more, and experience higher levels of success, a new danger arises... you begin to think you know it all. Arrogance floods your judgement, and you begin to ignore the fundamentals that got you where you are. 

One of those fundamentals is consistency: the ability to show up, day in and day out, regardless of the circumstances. In this episode, I share a clip from the book "3 Feet From Gold" by Sharon Lechter, where she helps illustrate the power of this fundamental within powerful clarity. #Bars

Jul 15, 2020

When you are in the infant stages of your vision, there is a certain aggressiveness that must be present. You have to be able to bully your way into the game, and exhibit a brash confidence that is uncommon. In this track "Ground Zero", Juelz Santana points this out. However, there is also a patience that comes into play, knowing that you are not going to settle. This is the challenge. Harlem rapper Juelz lays out his philosophy, and I dig deeper. #BARS

Jul 14, 2020

In today’s episode (and this friday's episode), I will be sharing some exclusive content with you, previously only available to my private clients. I share my philosophy, mindset, strategy and tactical approach behind launching a successful and profitable podcast. 

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Today's episode features a detailed PDF available at:
(8:35) Part One: Mindset
(13:49) Niyi's approach to connecting with people through his podcast
(32:30) Part Two: Strategy + Tactics
(56:21) Part Three: Maintaining + Growing (Major Keys)
(1:02:50) Q+A session

Jul 10, 2020

Reading, learning and consuming new information is important. You've heard me talk about the game-changing effect that books have had on my growth and success, and I am confident the same is for you. However, with the increasing ease and convenience of learning, we now have a new problem. "Am I reading too much?" "Am I taking enough action?" "Is the balance good enough?" "How do I balance the learning with the doing?"

In today's episode, I share my philosophy on learning, and how to balance it with the necessary actions towards real progress. 

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Preface to today's episode |
(3:56) My mindset towards learning
(7:48) The different purposes of reading
(13:52) Here's what I do, that you can do
(20:15) In conclusion...
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Jul 9, 2020

If you want to accomplish real results at the highest of levels, there is a reality you must embrace. This reality, is your complex and misunderstood motivations. It matters not what your motivations are; what’s crucial is that you know what your motivations are

In this episode, I share a clip from one of my favorite books of all time written by, Maxim magazine founder and multi-millionaire, Felix Dennis. He speaks with clarity and his wisdom is rooted in reality….enjoy. #Bars

Jul 8, 2020

Too often I see aspiring and ambitious high performers who claim to want to be the best, but do not commit to mastering the game like the greats. 

Do not be fooled; the ones you admire don’t just talk. What distinguishes them is their commitment to mastery, and in this classic Lil Wayne track, he illustrates this point beautifully. #Bars

Jul 7, 2020

Most people are soft. They lack courage, and hesitate to ask for (yet alone, demand) what they want. 

I do not wish that for you. I want you to be more savage and ruthless towards life, and create a reputation and standard for yourself that says “I know who I am and what I want. I get what I want from life, and I refuse to be stopped.” In order to create that mindset and standard of action, you must work at it. Humans will default towards cowering under pressure unless held to a rigid code of ethics. In this episode, I break down 4 game-changing habits that will lead to a more savage and ruthless attitude and mindset. 

Time Stamps:
(1:22) This episode is for the "sweethearts"
(5:33) What it means to be "savage" and "ruthless"
(6:30) Step 1: Clarify your high STANDARDS
(10:26) Step 2: Give your goals PERSPECTIVE
(13:01) Step 3: Expose yourself to HARSH REALITIES
(15:30) Step 4: Run towards CONFLICT
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Jul 3, 2020

I bet you’re used to looking for ways to improve, holding yourself to a high standard. Or maybe you take a step further, and beat yourself up mentally when you make mistakes or live in constant anxiety due to your desire and need to win. 

No matter how extreme your drive is, the challenge that comes with being a “killa” is that balance...finding ways to feel good and validated, without it leading to complacency. Today is another episode of “Killa Mode”, a form of aggressive, active meditation that primes you for absolute Killa mode.

Download the Killa Mode formula before you begin by going to

Jul 2, 2020

In this day and age, it is difficult to make choices about what products to use for your hair, skin and body. Not only are there a million brands to choose from, all of them claiming to be the best, there are far too many brands that use ingredients that harm you and actually create more problems than they solve. 

I recently came across a line of body care products that has me daily rejuvenated, smelling and feeling fresh, and has me getting compliments daily from my lady. In this episode, I put you up on game….Four Kings Only, a line of body care products that is all natural and made for men. 

Visit to get a discount on your first order. 


Jul 1, 2020

The emotion of anger is often misunderstood. Most run from anger, in fear of alienating people, or doing something they regret. Instead, they opt to “fake” positivity, or sulk in sadness and helplessness. 

What Malcolm X suggests, is to channel the anger into constructive action. It is within your power to use anger to generate the personal power to create results... however, this remains up to you. In this episode I break down a clip from a classic Malcolm X speech where he illustrates the practical use of anger and how to use it to win your own revolution. 

Watch the full speech on YouTube:

Jun 30, 2020

Michael Jordan once said about Kobe Braynt “He’s just as cursed as I am.” The curse MJ was talking about was the constant desire to dominate, win and improve, at virtually any cost. 

You’ve decided what you want, and you are afflicted with the same desire to win, dominate, and master your craft. The problem that comes up is the incessant feeling that you are not doing enough. You’re not making progress fast enough. Things could be better. 

What do you do with this feeling? How can you feel like a success every day, instead of constantly feeling like you're losing? In this episode, I break it down.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Preface to today's episode
(4:44) Step 1: Embrace the fact that you are competitive
(5:49) Step 2: Define success at every level
(12:03) Step 3: Accumulate control-wins
(15:56) Step 4: Create feedback loops
Jun 26, 2020

Are you a coach or teacher? Are you an “influencer”? Do you have kids? Do you value helping others to get results? If so, you and I have that in common. 

In my quest to be world-class at what I do, I have read hundreds of books… and not all of them were created equal. In this episode, I break down 9 of the most impactful books that have helped me become a better coach. I also breakdown what it takes to be a world-class coach, and my system for how to continuously improve.

Time Stamps:
(1:22) Preface for today's episode
(6:00) My high-performance targets
(14:28) 9 books every coach and influencer must read
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Jun 25, 2020

Once you decide to channel your ambition towards real results, now you have a challenge... How do you track your progress? How do you organize all of these goals? How are you going to manage all of these thighs without getting overwhelmed? How can you ensure that you follow-through, and remain accountable?

I have tested and tried a lot of apps for this purpose, and I have yet to find one as practical and powerful as the "Ambition App". 

Click here to download the Ambition App to track your goals and make big time progress. 

or, visit


Jun 24, 2020

People who are comfortable being the ”victim”, love to use their adversity and pain as a reason to complain, underachieve, and avoid reality. In this powerful new song from NBA star, rap artist, and Oakland native, Dame Lillard aka "Dame D.O.L.L.A.", he shows us how to use your pain as a badge of honor instead of a liability. #BARS

Dame D.O.L.L.A. "GOAT Spirit"

Jun 23, 2020
Coronavirus exposed so many, for so many reasons. People came out of the quarantine fat and out of shape, relationships suffering, and with a false sense of relief as if something like COVID-19 can't happen again.
What you want to do is to prepare yourself against a future crisis. This won't happen by accident, it will be because you deliberately decide. In this episode I show you the ways you could be vulnerable, and how to be prepared for anything.  
Time Stamps:
(1:53) How did the coronavirus affect you?
(4:14) Preface to making your life corona-proof
(8:36) MONEY: Get your money right.
(15:13) CONNECTION: Build your circle.
(22:36) TRAINING: Stay in world class shape.
(28:22) MOTIVATION: Stay motivated and hungry.
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"Invincibility is a matter of defense." -Sun Tzu
"Do what's difficult when it's easy." -Lao Tzu
Jun 19, 2020
Your mindset is everything, and it's your job to condition the beliefs that create your mindset.
Listen to these mental reps over and over again, develop consistency in your thoughts, and watch the results flow.
Mental Reps Mixtape Vol. 5 Tracklist:
"I Make It Look Easy (Runnin' to the Pain)"
"Everyday I'm Motivated"
"Not On My Level"
"Nobody Like Me"
"LOL (Too Much Fun)"
"I Trust Myself"
"Do What I Wanna Do"
Jun 17, 2020
All of us, at some point or another, have to do things we don't want, in a way we don't want to, and be subject to circumstances or even people outside of our control. But it's how you respond, and how long you stay in this position that really matters.
In this classic Tupac interview, 'Pac explains the real crime in being "pimped" as his interviewer calls it, and why the "come up" is the most important thing. #BARS
Jun 16, 2020
Another mixtape installment of the popular GYMR series "Mental Reps".
Use this as a powerful mental conditioning tool to build confidence, belief and certainty, at any time.
Mental Reps Mixtape Vol. 4 Tracklist:
"Stop Thinking (Just Go)"
"I'm So Ready"
"Can't Stop (Call Me Diddy)"
"Gains (No Maintaining)"
"Pain Into Aggression"
"I'm A Champion"
"In The Jungle"
"I Ain't Stoppin'"
Jun 12, 2020
This is for the times you feel frustrated, upset, or pissed off because something doesn't go as planned.
Everyone loves the idea of accomplishing their goals, and creating a level of reality that is different than the one they currently have. The ones who actually create the results are the ones who understand that the grind is called a "GRIND" for a reason.
You need to train and discipline your mind to be okay, and even love the fact that difficulties will always be there. You are meant to evolve, and evolution is painful.
Todays episode is a wake up call, and a call to action... to begin being more creative, persistent and aggressive, whenever you meet that resistance.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) The inspiration for today's episode
(5:04) My football two-a-days
(7:17) Reality check: It's supposed to be difficult
(12:56) How you handle the pressure
(13:54) Different types of pressure
(14:45) Handling the pressure: Being creative towards the obstacles
(16:18) Handling the pressure: Persistence
(17:18) Handling the pressure: A force of will
(22:29) It's time for your change
Jun 11, 2020
Are you a competitive athlete who also struggles to align their belief and commitment to Christ? In this episode, I share the podcast and movement of John Hollinger and his "A Footballer's Faith" podcast, designed to help Christian soccer athletes dominate in their sport while also glorifying God.
Subscribe to his podcast here:
Jun 10, 2020

In this classic interview with two legends, Kobe Bryant and Kendrick Lamar, Kobe shows what the evolution to greatness really looks like. It's a reality that most run from, but Kobe is all for it. #Bars

Jun 9, 2020
Now more than ever, there is an abundance of "aspiring" pro athletes and "Millionaire" business leaders. And it's getting harder and harder to tell who is for real and who is faking it all.
In this episode, I detail the signs that I have witnessed from athletes and entrepreneurs that show me that they are kidding themselves - and the closest thing they will get to a professional, is when they sit court side at a laker game.
Don't let this be you. The first step is awareness, so take notes, and listen at the end for your solution to this problem.
Time Stamps:
(1:52) Were you raised with high-standards?
(3:19) The football come-up
(6:42) "Pancakes"
(8:45) It's not easy to get to the pros
(10:52) I can easily spot the "pretenders"
(12:19) Signs of a phony, Pt. 1: You think you're really good.
(13:20) Signs of a phony, Pt. 2: You don't approach nutrition without deliberation.
(14:32) Signs of a phony, Pt. 3: Your problems are always external.
(15:40) Signs of a phony, Pt. 4: You have pro-goals, but hold conflict heavily.
(16:37) Signs of a phony, Pt. 5: You avoid things that you're bad at.
(17:25) Signs of a phony, Pt. 6: You want big-time results, but your partner keeps you stagnant.
(18:20) Signs of a phony, Pt. 7: You have people in your "crew" who enable you.
(19:53) Signs of a phony, Pt. 8: You say you like feedback, but have a hard time receiving it.
(20:16) Signs of a phony, Pt. 9: You have goals that you can't afford to procrastinate on.
(21:09) Signs of a phony, Pt. 10: You say that you "need a break"
(23:08) The reality: You need to get it all together.
(24:38) It's time to put together a ruthless training plan for yourself.
(30:33) Invest in yourself... go to
Jun 5, 2020
How do you bounce back stronger after a loss, a tough break, or a set of circumstances you didn't ask for?
Most never recover, which is exactly why they stay stuck. Today, I show you the stages of recovery, and how to come back stronger than ever.
Time Stamps:
(1:22) The meaning behind today's episode
(5:15) Step 1: Quickly identify the roots of your failure
(11:41) Step 2: Create practical plans for improvement
(13:00) Clip: Kobe on bouncing back
(13:39) Step 3: Set new goals and standards immediately
(15:07) Step 4: Define success (results) in great detail
(16:24) Step 5: Define the process in great detail + add power moves
(18:19) Don't talk... DO.
(22:05) Step 6: Bulletproof all of your environments
(26:38) Now let's move.
Jun 4, 2020
Have you ever heard of a quote, and wanted to make a poster out of it so you could see it at the same time?
What happens when you hear new quotes everyday?
In this episode I show you how I solved the dilemma of wanting to remind myself of the powerful bars, without making the walls of my home look like a power line pole on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.
Jun 3, 2020
Consistency is everything... but that statement doesn't feel as good when things aren't going your way.
Today, we hear a powerful bar from one of the best rappers out (Dave East), about what will happen if you just "stay down", and don't give up.
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